Step into Kefi Jewelry, a dynamic and modern brand specializing in exquisite diamond Jewellery that embodies the essence of happiness and the celebration of life. Derived from the Greek term signifying the spirit of joy, "Kefi" encapsulates the core values and inspiration behind our designs.

Kefi is more than a Jewellery line –– it's a way for women to share and create their stories. An extension and expression of their style and personality, and a way of celebrating both defining moments and the simple joy of everyday.

Kefi embodies the vision of Kamal Saoud, a second-generation jeweler with a rich heritage in the world of Jewellery making. Passed down from his family’s legacy, Kamal wanted to turn the passion for Jewellery design to an approach to life and style, to a way of living, and that’s how KEFI was born.

Our Jewellery collection combines history and modernity, heritage and contemporary glamour; each handmade piece is specifically intended for women who value simplicity while demanding luxury.

At Kefi, we believe that you deserve to wear designs that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, jewels that reflect your own journey, your cherished memories, your moments of joy, your own personality, jewels that simply represents you.

And, just like you, our jewels are defined by the unique characteristics they hold.
Each piece in our Jewellery line is delicately embellished with the highest quality diamonds, precious stones, and gorgeous materials. We handpick each gem before delicately setting it on our creations, resulting in incomparable beauty and craftsmanship.

Diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces, all our pieces are handmade sustainably to give you the glam you deserve. So, whether you're treating yourself or searching for a meaningful gift, our ready-to-wear jewels will complement your daily appearance and elevate your evening style. We are here to help you find the jewel you can wear with confidence; we are here to welcome you to the world of Kefi.


Kefi is simply choosing joy through jewellery.